How to add elements to a sparse matrix

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Paul Wolfram
Paul Wolfram 2018년 8월 21일
편집: Walter Roberson 2019년 4월 9일
Dear community,
I have a sparse matrix S with the dimensions 2028 rows by 14809 columns. I would like to turn S into a full matrix F with the dimensions 2028 rows by 14927 columns. This means that I would like to define a 2028x14927 matrix of zeros first and then fill it with the elements of S in the correct place.
Here is a small example: Below you can see the first 4 elements of the sparse matrix:
(1,1) 1
(1,2) 2
(1,3) 2
(1,6) 8
I would like to turn into something like this:
(1,1) 1
(1,2) 2
(1,3) 2
(1,4) 0
(1,5) 0
(1,6) 8
Any ideas? Thank you! Paul

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Julie 2018년 8월 21일
편집: Julie 2018년 8월 21일

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2018년 8월 21일
S(end, 14927) = 0;
S = full(S) ;

Yokesh 2019년 4월 9일
%Create a random 10 x 10 sparse matrix
X = sprand(10,10,0.2);
%For adding elements to an existing Sparse matrix
X(2,2) = 0.025;
X(9,1) = 0.5;
for i = [2 3 5]
X(i,i) = 0.00375;
All these assignments will just add data to the existing Sparse matrix

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