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Video stabilization using point feature method

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I am a Student and starting to write my Thesis. My topic is related to Video Stabilization and I have decided to use MATLAB as the platform. I have gone through few tutorials and papers and to be honest I am in a confused state now. I came across so many papers telling that motion estimation, motion smoothing and motion compensation are the 3 main steps that stabilizes the video. In Matlab, I have read about the point feature extraction and stabilization using this . But isn't pont feature extraction one of the motion estimation method? So, only motion estimation is used to stabilize the video? Can you please throw some light on this? It will be really helpful.

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Florian Morsch
Florian Morsch 23 Aug 2018
No, point feature extraction is, as the name says, the extraction of features of a point. You dont have a motion estimation from feature points, they are just significant points of a image. What you are going to do with those extracted features is up to you, if you decide to use them for video stabilization then its fine, but you also could use them to project a image onto another image or create a virtual reality with them.
Motion estimation is to find a point and estimate where it will be in the next frame with the infos of the previous frames. You can use feature points for that, but feature points are just a information you use for the motion estimation, they are no motion estimation method themself.

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Meera chandran
Meera chandran 27 Aug 2018
Thankyou so much for this answer.

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