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where is the "build" button in code generation?

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Mr mark
Mr mark 21 Aug 2018
I want to generate the code from the simulation model, and I config the parameters, but I can not find the "build" button, please help! thank you.
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Mr mark
Mr mark 21 Aug 2018
I think the sofeware was successfully installed.

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ES 21 Aug 2018
Please check Simulink Preferences window. The button can be enabled by enabling the checkbox.

Madhu Govindarajan
Madhu Govindarajan 23 Aug 2018
I know that the naming convention changed from Build to Deploy to Hardware sometime around 15a - 17a (not sure off the top of my head). If this is not what is throwing you off, then -
1) Have you tried the keyboard shortcuts? Press Ctrl+B.
2) Have you tried the Configuration parameters > hardware implementation pane > Target hardware resources > Build options > Build load and run/Build option.
3) If you do have the coder products properly installed, The Configuration parameters will have the Code generation pane. Have you confirmed that this exists?

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