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How to make a Simulink block constant, execute only once?

Luis Ruiz 님이 질문을 제출함. 16 Aug 2018
최근 활동 TAB 님이 답변함. 17 Aug 2018
I have a model in Simulink (2018a) which has more models inside. So I have:
parent.slx --> child.slx
I want child.slx to execute only once in the whole simulation, so basically its output will be constant at all times.

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TAB 님의 답변 17 Aug 2018
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Put your child model in Enabled Subsystem in parent model.
[parent.slx [Enabled Subsystem [Enchild.slx]]]
Enable the subsystem only once using "Stateflow" or using "Constant block + Unit delay Block arrangement".
Using "Constant block + Unit delay Block arrangement" you can do as below
[Constant(Value=0)]-->[Unit delay (Initial condition=1)]--> to enable port

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