How to distinguish Subsystem and Chart by comparing their block properties in MATLAB 2017b?

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  • Firstly, due to the different block properties 'LibraryVersion' in MATLAB 2016a, I can distinguish them.
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  • Secondly, the chart property 'LibraryVersion' is set to null in MATLAB 2017b. Therefore, most of their properties are the same.
The question is how can I find the difference between Subsystem and Chart by using m scripts .


Arunkumar M
Arunkumar M 2018년 11월 9일
You can use type property of the objects in simulink model. For subsystem, it will be Type: 'block' and for stateflow chart, it will be Type: 'Stateflow'
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zhichuan wang
zhichuan wang 2018년 11월 14일
Hi, Arunkumar
Thanks for your answer. I've compared the type property of Subsystem and Chart with the command (get(gcbh)) in MATLAB 2017b. But they are still the same as follows.
Type: 'block'
Parent: 'Test/CurrZeroDriftCal'
BlockType: 'SubSystem'

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