Besides getting the map toolbox where can I get a copy of Boston.tif?

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Stephen Devlin
Stephen Devlin 2018년 8월 13일
편집: Greg 2018년 9월 12일
Hi, I have seen some mathworks blogs on how to load large image files into Matlab
and I want to try them out, they use an image which is installed when you get the Map Viewer App called 'Boston.tif'. It is a large image, about 37MB, does anyone know where I can download it?
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Greg 2018년 9월 12일
편집: Greg 2018년 9월 12일
As you mentioned, it is included with the Mapping toolbox. The folder it lives in contains a text file describing that it came from GeoEye, now part of DigitalGlobe, and that it is copyrighted. A quick Google search didn't turn up a copy, so I'm personally not comfortable just uploading it.
There is an 11.7 MB "foosballraw.tiff" that comes with the Image Processing Toolbox. I'm fairly certain it isn't copyrighted, so I could share that if you think it is large enough to try out what you want.
Probably much more useful to you is the wealth of images available from HubbleSOURCE. If you click on an image, you get a page with extensive download options, include various resolutions in JPEG, PDF and TIFF formats. The Orion Nebula has TIFF images in 49.1 MB and a whopping 385 MB!

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