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Crash when calling TLC library function LibBlockPa​rameterDat​aTypeId()

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Dear Support,
MATLAB R2018a crashes whenever I try to call LibBlockParameterDataTypeId() in my TLC file.
Steps for Reproduction:
  1. Unzip attached (the archive contains RTW-file, TLC-file)
  2. Run Test.m (starts TLC with RTW-file and TLC-file)
-> Crash
Do you have any idea what is wrong. It runs in Matlab R2015a.
Thank you Olaf Oelsner

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Nick Sarnie
Nick Sarnie 4 Aug 2018
Hi Olaf,
I recommed reporting this crash to Technical Support. While some staff members such as myself browse MATLAB Answers, it is done in our free time.
You can reach Technical Support using the below link:

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