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Non-numeric matrix to string

Diego Tasso 님이 질문을 제출함. 13 Jun 2012
Hi i am trying to import an excel file to matlab and convert the matrix crated into a string in order for me to use sscanf to format the file to show certain information. However this matrix contains data such as " 34WP01"....any ideas? I tried using the mat2str function but its telling me the matrix must be numeric.

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Geoff 님의 답변 13 Jun 2012
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It's not a matrix. It's a cell array.
You can try converting the whole thing to strings with something like:
Where M is your array... But that joins them with no spaces... How about adding a space to each entry maybe:
Msp = cellfun(@(x) [x,' '], x, 'uni', 0);
Mstr = [Msp{:}]
Bit hacky, I know... But it might work for you.
Otherwise maybe you want to use regexp. It'll work on cell arrays of strings. Then you probably won't require sscanf.

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With spaces between:
Mt = strcat(M(:).', {' '});
joined_string = deblank([Mt{:}]);
This does make assumptions about how you want them joined. It would not be suitable (as-is) for joining row-by-row in a cell array.
Thanks Geoff and Walter; I tried doing what you said using the deblank and cellfun functions you suggested however I found it more useful to use the regexp function; did not know it existed.Thanks again !

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