Get line properties from it's handle

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Lucas 2012년 6월 13일
I’m trying to get a lines property from its handle. I do this to get the handle to the line:
lines = get_param(outPorts{i}, 'LineHandles');
lineHandle = lines.Inport();
My line handle is a double like 16.0071 and when I do:
line = findobj(lineHandle);
I get an error saying it’s an invalid handle. But if I do:
sigH = find_system('FindAll', 'on', 'type', 'line');
sig1 = get_param(sigH(1), 'Object');
I get all the lines properties, one of them is handle and it has the same value I want to use. I don’t want to loop through all the lines in my program to get the one I want. I just need to be able to get the line from the handle so I can get its position.

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Anton Semechko
Anton Semechko 2012년 6월 13일
try this:
x and y variables respectively should be the x and y co-ordinates of your line

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