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simulink running external mode has problem with compile

eric huang 님이 질문을 제출함. 10 Jul 2018
Code Generation 1
Elapsed: 10 sec
Unexpected error : [armeabi-v7a] Compile thumb : androidCommunicationExample <= ert_main.c
In file included from ../ert_main.c:4:
In file included from F:/demo/androidCommunicationExample_ert_rtw/androidCommunicationExample.h:10:
F:/demo/androidCommunicationExample_ert_rtw/rtwtypes.h:4:10: fatal error: 'tmwtypes.h' file not found
#include "tmwtypes.h"
1 error generated.
make: *** [F:\demo\androidCommunicationExample_ert_rtw\androidCommunicationExample\src\main/obj/local/armeabi-v7a/objs/androidCommunicationExample/ert_main.o] Error 1

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Hi Eric, Can you provide the output of the ver command(type ver in MATLAB command prompt)
Are you able to build the other models in Normal mode(Deploy to Hardware)?
Hi ,Sruthi Yenugula , Thank for your help . Now ,I use serial port to connect my device.

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Answer by yubao cao on 24 Nov 2018

HI,I meet the same question.
But I don't know how to solve it.

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There is some issue with your MATLAB installation, please reinstall the MATLAB and Support Package.

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Answer by Sruthi Yenugula on 26 Nov 2018

This error is encountered when the MATLAB installation is not correct, so please reinstall the MATLAB and try again.

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Answer by omar sheishaa on 10 Dec 2018

kindly note that i reinstalled matlab on different device along with the support packages and still facing the same issue as below
Unexpected error : [armeabi-v7a] Install : => libs/armeabi-v7a/ [armeabi-v7a] Compile thumb : slexHARAndroidExample <= ert_main.c In file included from ../ert_main.c:4: In file included from C:/Users/user/Documents/MATLAB/SLEXHA~1/slexHARAndroidExample.h:9: C:/Users/user/Documents/MATLAB/SLEXHA~1/rtwtypes.h:4:10: fatal error: 'tmwtypes.h' file not found #include "tmwtypes.h" ^~~~~~~~~~~~ 1 error generated. make: *** [C:\Users\user\Documents\MATLAB\slexHARAndroidExample_ert_rtw\slexHARAndroidExample\src\main/obj/local/armeabi-v7a/objs/slexHARAndroidExample/ert_main.o] Error 1
### Build procedure for model: 'slexHARAndroidExample' aborted due to an error.
Error(s) encountered while building "slexHARAndroidExample": ### Failed to generate all binary outputs.

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Hi Omar,
Please contact the technical support . This would help to understand your issue better and provide quick solution.

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Answer by omar sheishaa on 5 Jan 2019

Hi Sruthi
thanks for your feeback, now i'm trying to run 'slexHARAndroidExample' on simulink without deploying it on android device but i got the below errors
Index exceeds array dimensions. Index value 0 exceeds valid range [1-2049] of array f.
Error in 'slexHARAndroidExample/extractFeatures' (line 133)
ofpk = f(olocs);
Error in 'slexHARAndroidExample/extractFeatures' (line 62)
Error in 'slexHARAndroidExample/extractFeatures' (line 16)
also the details of this file are found in the below link

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i'm looking into it by blocks, so the first block is 'Calibrate' i tried to call it in the command line and gave the 3 attributes values but i got the output as 1 value not x,y,z
the function code is as below
function [xout,yout,zout] = calibrate(x,y,z)%#codegen
% calibrate - Static calibration of the accelerometer for an
% Android device.
% Copyright 2017 The MathWorks, Inc.
calibrationstr = coder.load('slexHARAndroidCalibrationMatrix.mat');
calibrationMatrix = coder.const(calibrationstr.AndroidCalibrationMatrix);
out = [x,y,z,1]*calibrationMatrix;
xout = out(1);
yout = out(2);
zout = out(3);
Did you make any changes to the example or followed the same exact steps? When I try it is working fine from my end. Please contact customer support, they will help you debug the issue.
Hi Sruthi
could you please advise what did you get when you run this model without deployment ?

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Answer by omar sheishaa on 8 Jan 2019

Hi Sruthi
i didn't perform any changes, did you deploy it on android device ? are you able to run the model on the PC without deployment ?

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