Using 'subs' in parallel for more than one equation

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Tejas Adsul
Tejas Adsul 2018년 7월 6일
댓글: Tejas Adsul 2018년 7월 11일
I have 5 equations in an array: E = [E1;E2;E3;E4;E5]. Each equation is made of symbolic variables x1,y1. I now want to substitute these variables with x2,y2. Right now, I have this simple loop:
for i = 1:5
E(i) = subs(E(i),[x1,y1],[x2,y2]);
I was wondering if these substitutions could be carried out simultaneously for each equation, since they are independent of each other. Can I use parfor here, and if so, how should I modify my code?


Piotr Balik
Piotr Balik 2018년 7월 8일
Repmat is one of solutions:
E = subs(E,repmat([x1 y1],5,1),repmat([x2 y2],5,1))
Where 5,1 are 5-row 1-column copies of array [x1 y1].
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Tejas Adsul
Tejas Adsul 2018년 7월 11일
This worked faster than the for loop. However, I tried removing the for loop:
E = subs(E,[x1,y1],[x2,y2]);
This works faster than repmat.

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