How to create a dead time between two signal in Simulink ??

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Gökhan Bayraktar
Gökhan Bayraktar 2018년 6월 25일
답변: Sabin 2024년 1월 23일
I have 2 pulse signals which are output of two different PWM Generator(DC-DC) block. I will apply these signals to two mosfet. But i need an dead time gap between them to prevent short circuit.
Without time delay both of the PWM signals are working well as in the picture("current without transport delay").
I tried to use "transport delay" block to create dead time. Although i create the 3e-6 s dead time the current of the circuit became weird as the picture(current with transport delay.png).
I also attached a picture of pulse signals and zoom into the time where the current become weird in the delayed circuit.
I know i attached lots of picture but i think it is the best way to explain my problem. Also for PS, in the solver parameter the refine factor is 500.
Thank you for future helping.

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Sabin 2024년 1월 23일
An On-Off Delay can be used to delay the pulse. However, with dead time some distorsion is expected.


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