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Running Simulink Coder gives warning 'GenSettings must be initialized'

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Ngonidzashe Nedziwe
Ngonidzashe Nedziwe 25 Jun 2018
댓글: Sumit Shrestha 28 Nov 2018
I am currently running the latest version of matlab. in my model i combined 3 different block libraries. Simulink, SimScape and RF libraries. When i try to build my model using the build button i get an error 'GenSettings must be initialized'. I am attempting to build my model as a standalone application using simulink coder. I can simulate the model using the play button but building the model is the one generating the error.

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Nick Sarnie
Nick Sarnie 30 Jun 2018
편집: Nick Sarnie 30 Jun 2018
If you have "clear all" in any model callbacks, especially the "Init Fcn" model callback, please remove that and try to generate code again.
If you still experience the error, please contact Technical Support.

Matthew Overlin
Matthew Overlin 30 Jun 2018
Same error here. Ubuntu 18.04, Matlab 2018a. Can anybody help here?

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