Install Raspberry Pi support package - SSH connection problem R2018a / Pi 3B+

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I desperately try to install the Raspberry Pi support package (R2018a / Pi 3B+) and have a big connection problem with SSH.
I did the following with R2018a and Raspian 4.14:
1. Install latest Raspian Desktop System (April Release - Kernel 4.14) on Raspberry Pi 3B+. Give the username "pi" a password.
2. Download latest support package (18.1.1) and go trough the setup, choose option "use existing system on Raspberry Pi".
3. After Pinging, which does work, the setup fails to establish a SSH connection.
I tried manually:
1. Ping PC with Pi, ping Pi with PC - worked after shutting down the Windows firewall.
2. Connect Pi via SSH manually from PC with Teraterm - works without problems.
How can this be? Where can I see how Matlab support package setup uses SSH? Do I have to configure any ports for SSH manually?
Thank you!

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Reeno Joseph
Reeno Joseph 2018년 7월 27일
Hi Marcus, This bug got fixed in the latest supportpackage update.(July 2018)
Please update your Raspberry Pi spkg to 18.1.2 and you will be able to do ssh from MATLAB.
Thank you

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