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I am trying to use JAVA in my Matlab code which I never did.

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Dear colleagues,
I try to implement this ThingSpeak-java , but after
javaaddpath('... Documents\MATLAB\thingspeak-java-master\lib\log4j.jar')
import org.apache.log4j.*
I do not know what to do next. I cannot use the standard Matlab library for ThingSpeak, because it is not supported by compilator.
Thank you for your help Z.
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Vinod 20 Jun 2018
Thanks for making me aware of that, Walter. I have alerted the documentation team that this may need to be revised.

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Zdenek Kubin
Zdenek Kubin 21 Jun 2018
I really did the test. I added the path and it does not work. Next step, I added the files from the lib but it did not work either.

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Zdenek Kubin
Zdenek Kubin 22 Jun 2018
I wrote to technical support and add this picture

Zdenek Kubin
Zdenek Kubin 22 Jun 2018
Vinod - thanks. that was the point, I try to add the .m function which is called from matlab. But I have to add.p function from different location. now it works, many thanks


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