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Difference between "Host Target" and "Embedded Target"

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Pablo Navarrete Toledano
답변: ES 13 Jun 2018
I want to program my Wemos Lolin32 with OLED using Simulink. So i have to develop the environment in order to program and compile. I´ve been watching lots of tutorials and post and, at the end, I reach a seminar called "Developing Embedded Targets using Real Time Workshop Embedded Coder" in which there are 2 sections:
* Creating a Host Target
* Creating an Embedded Target
I want to make a project in Simulink and then send it to my MicroController (Wemos Lolin32 with OLED) and everything works without being connected to the PC via USB, I want to use it in a AutoControlled Car, a small one.
Thanks in advance
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dpb 13 Jun 2018
Not sure what the question really is??? The "Host" is the system on which one does the development of the code that will run on the "Target"

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ES 13 Jun 2018
Host Target means you build your code and code runs on your PC. (This is normally done as a prevalidation step) before you take your software to the real environment (your small car).
Embedded Target means, you build your code with the corresponding target compiler and then flash it to your target (controller).

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