variable Impedance

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Papa 2012년 6월 6일
답변: Sabin 2024년 1월 23일
Hey how is it possible to build a variable Impedance with Simpowersystems?
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Saeed Rezaee
Saeed Rezaee 2020년 7월 28일
If it is a simple RL impedance, you just need to use a controlled current source where the measured current is passed through an integrator and the output is the control input of the source. Next, you just need to integrate a ramp or any varying block in the control loop that generates the current based on the differential equation that rules the RL circuit; alternatively you can use a PI block where the gains are set as external inputs. You should be able to build a generic series or parallel RLC impedances as well.

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Sabin 2024년 1월 23일
In Simscape Electrical you can build a variable impedance by using controlled elements such as controlled resistors, inductors, or capacitors, whose values are dynamically adjusted during simulation based on control signals. Without knowing more about specific requirements it is difficult to provide a more specific answer.


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