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Display error or not? Difference between Coordinate Transformation display and result in workspace

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zy han
zy han 2 Jun 2018
답변: Steve Miller 3 Apr 2019
I use a transform sensor to get the rotation matrix and the x y z position to form a homogeneous transform matrix by the "Coordinate Transformation Conversion" block.
The question is the displayed homogeneous transform matrix is different from what I saved into workspace. Whether it is just a display error?
Is it right to direct connect the PS-S block and "Coordinate Transformation Conversion" block?
rFtoW5 Matrix
tFtoW5 Matrix

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Steve Miller
Steve Miller 3 Apr 2019
Hi - if you look closely, you will see the answer in the MATLAB Workspace is the same as the display. Note that right above the matrix there is a
1.0e+04 *
That number, if multiplied by the values in the matrix, lines up with what you see in the Scope.

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