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Set step time in Simulink

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HaMo 29 May 2018
답변: Fangjun Jiang 29 May 2018
I have created a Simulink model with only a constant value (see screenshot).
Then I execute it by running the following script:
set_param DummyTest FixedStep 1
sim DummyTest
Turns out the step size of the simulation is 0.2 s, not 1 second. What do I do wrong?

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang 29 May 2018
The setting of this parameter is dependent. It won't take effect until other settings are in place. You can check the solver type by the following. It must have been been 'Variable-step'.
After setting the following, you 1 second fixed step will take effect

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ES 29 May 2018
You have set the solver?
set_param('Solver', 'FixedStepDiscrete');

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