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i am trying to enter data into an excel spreadsheet through matlab by prompting the user to enter string . The next data doesn't go to the next row in the spreadsheet

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Abhijit Bari
Abhijit Bari 24 May 2018
답변: ES 24 May 2018
for a = 1:(desired_number)
det = 'Enter the details for patient ';
det_1 = input(det,'s')
con = 'Enter his Condition'
con_1 = input(con,'s')
disease = 'enter his diseases'
%t = table(det_1,con_1,disease_1)
patient = 'filename';
M = {'Patient_No ','Condition','Disease';det_1,con_1,disease_1};
sheet = 1;
xlrange = 'A:C';
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Abhijit Bari
Abhijit Bari 24 May 2018
I am writing continuously but after a data in a row is filled , i want it to go to the next row in the sheet, and i don't know how to do that.

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ES 24 May 2018
Your xlrange should contain information regarding row number.
For example instead of
xlrange = 'A:C';
xlrange = ['A', num2str(a), ':C', num2str(a)];

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