Compiled application crashes without error or log

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I have a compiled application made using Matlab 2017A, and compiled using the Application Compiler App. I am using this compiled .exe file on a computer with MCR 9.2 and it launches and runs fine but as soon as it generates a plot it crashes without error and without creating any logs/dumps/error files (I have checked in the MCR's installation folder, in App Data\Roaming, and done search of all files on the c:\ modified in the past hour to no avail).
I am able to run the same compiled application on other computers with the same OS, MCR, etc. and never have this issue. It is only occurring on one computer. I have tested the plotting capabilities of other compiled applications made in the same way also in 2017A with MCR 9.2 on this computer, and they work fine. It is only this one compiled application that does not work and it is only on this one computer that it has an issue.
How can I go about discovering what is causing the crash?


Gowtham Uma Maheswari Jaganathan
Since it is working on all other machines and just in one of the machines the error occurs, can you try upgrading the graphics drives on the machine that throws the error message.
Also, try compiling the app in software openGL mode, so that we can eliminate graphics driver issues.


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