"libraryComplier" app can't complie simple matlab code?

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cui 2018년 5월 22일
When I write a simple program test package, the following error will appear, how to solve it? My myadd function is:
function sum =myadd(x,y)
sum = x+y;
error log: mcc -W cpplib:myadd -T link:lib -d D:\Matlab_files\fitcircle\myadd\for_testing -v D:\Matlab_files\fitcircle\myadd.m Compiler version: 6.5 (R2017b)
Dependency analysis by REQUIREMENTS.
Unexpected error while determining required deployable files. Compilation terminated. Details: 错误使用 matlab.depfun.internal.database.SqlDbConnector/doSql Received exception upon attempting an operation. Exception: [The database <file:C%3A%5CProgram%20Files%5CMATLAB%5CR2017b%5Ctoolbox%5Cmatlab%5Cdepfun%5C%2Bmatlab%5C%2Bdepfun%5C%2Binternal%5Crequirements%5Fwin64%5Fdfdb?mode=ro> is corrupt. (database disk image is malformed)]. Details: [SELECT Name FROM Target WHERE ID IN (SELECT DISTINCT Target FROM Component_Path_Item)]. 出错 matlab.depfun.internal.SearchPath/read_targets_from_database (line 508) db.doSql(query); 出错 matlab.depfun.internal.SearchPath (line 872) s.KnownTargets = read_targets_from_database(s); 出错 matlab.depfun.internal.requirements (line 141) s = matlab.depfun.internal.SearchPath('MCR', varargin{2:end}); 出错 matlab.depfun.internal.mcc_call_requirements (line 8) [parts, resources, exclusions] = matlab.depfun.internal.requirements(items, varargin{:});
mcc 失败。


Gowtham Uma Maheswari Jaganathan
The error message indicates there could some file corruption that could have happened on your machine. You can try
2. Try reinstalling MATLAB on your machine, so that you can have all the files without any corruption.
I hope this helps.


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