How can I visualize the trajectory of a moving frame when doing the Simscape Multibody simulation?

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I have finished a simulation in Simscape Multibody, but I meet a trouble when showing the trajectory of a moving body's frame in the "Mechanics Explorer" window.
I have also tried the function plot3 and comet3, however, it can only show the timeseries data in the workspace.
Is there a way to show the trajectory in the "Mechanics Explorer" window? or other way to achieve the same purpose.

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lee c
lee c 2018년 5월 18일
편집: lee c 님. 2018년 5월 18일
Thanks a lot, I have finished it by refer the question and Steve Miller's work Four Bar Linkage Optimization in Simscape
It is solved by insert a "Spline" block, good solution to solve the problem.

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sloppydisk 2018년 5월 18일
Simply plot the data after exporting to workspace:


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