Please help. I need to read this file and isolate column 2.

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Charles Naegele
Charles Naegele 2018년 5월 17일
댓글: John BG 2018년 5월 18일
It appears the data is not separated into columns. Any way to do this?
A = importdata('Psmall.txt');
A1 = A(:,2);
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Charles Naegele
Charles Naegele 2018년 5월 18일
You were both correct, I had it right in the original code. Sorry for the confusion. Thanks for your responses!

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John BG
John BG 2018년 5월 17일
Hi Charles Naegele
You are having the same result as if you were using textscan instead of importdata
B2 has as single column with all data, as you mention it happens in your data acquisition.
Note that your data file has a TAB as separator, not the default ' ' (space) or comma. Despite MATLAB help for import data reads
The default character is interpreted from the file.
It may be the case an earlier version of MATLAB doesn't really consider TAB as a column separator.
If you upgrade your MATLAB version you will solve this and possibly other compatibility issues to come.
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thanks in advance for time and attention
John BG
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