Is it possible to change the audioplugin class VST GUI?

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Dave Moffat
Dave Moffat 2018년 5월 7일
답변: Charlie DeVane 2019년 10월 9일
I have been developing a VST using the AudioPlugin Class on the Audio Systems Toolbox. However is there some way to modify the VST GUI once it has been generated?
Alternatively, is it possible to generate the C-code, without having to copy and paste each function into a separate coder object.

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Gabriele Bunkheila
Gabriele Bunkheila 2018년 5월 8일
Hi David,
As of today, Audio System Toolbox doesn't offer an assisted path to customizing the UI of generated plugins.
You can indeed generate source C/C++ code to integrate into your own plugin project (typically in a development environment like JUCE). That workflow requires MATLAB Coder, plus some manual code-wrapping both in MATLAB and on the C++ side. It's not a workflow that Audio System Toolbox currently supports out of the box, but we are keen to hear from interested users - If this is important to you, please do get in touch with me directly through my profile and I'll try my best to help.

Charlie DeVane
Charlie DeVane 2019년 5월 15일
As of release R2019a, generateAudioPlugin has a new switch -juceproject that will produce C/C++ source code for the plugin along with a JUCE project file. Within the JUCE workflow, you can customize the UI in C++, build the plugin for any target supported by JUCE, etc. The -juceproject switch requires a MATLAB Coder license.
hope this helps,

Charlie DeVane
Charlie DeVane 2019년 10월 9일
With the release of R2019b you can now customize the generated plugin's UI, including the position and appearance of controls, and the background image/color. See this tutorial for an introduction: The example plugins have also been updated to use this new feature.


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