How do I add a line, or a linear regression from cftool, to a scatter graph?

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Roee Ben Shlomo
Roee Ben Shlomo . 2018년 5월 3일
댓글: sloppydisk . 2018년 5월 4일
Hi, I have a scatter graph that consists multiple arrays of information. Also I have a linear regression,which I generated its code, but when I launch the program it gives me 2 graphs: the scatter one, and the regression one in 2 different outputs. Of course I used the hold ons, both for the scatter graph (which works well) and for the regression graph, but it doesn't add it right. How do I add it together? That's how it looks:
Thanks very much in advance!

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sloppydisk 2018년 5월 3일
You could use copyobj:
% data
n = 200;
x = 1:n;
y = x+25*rand(1, n);
% handle to first axis
ax1 = gca;
scatter(y, x)
b = x'\y';
% handle to second plot
h2 = plot(b*x, x);
% copy line object from second plot to axis from first plot
copyobj(h2, ax1);
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sloppydisk 2018년 5월 4일
You can just do another plot command with new x-values. For example if you want the line from zero to five:
x = [0 5]; y = -88.69*x +180.5; plot(x, y)
Though I am sure you could have figured this out without me by reading
doc plot

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