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How to fold up code in live script?

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Dear all,
Insert section break is easy but I still don't know how to fold up the code like %% would do it in regular script.
Thanks in advance and have a nice day,
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XJ_CHEN 28 Aug 2018
Yes I have the same problem.

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Chris Campbell
Chris Campbell 6 Sep 2018
This isn't a feature for live scripts right now, but if you would like to see it please consider submitting an enhancement request through tech support. If you just need a workaround, here is what tech support suggested:
1. Convert to M file and "publish" with 'showcode' as false. First, convert the Live Script into an M file. You can do this interactively by clicking "Save As" and then choosing the "M" file option in the File Type section or you can do it programmatically as follows:
>> matlab.internal.liveeditor.openAndConvert('live_script_to_be_converted.mlx', 'output_script.m');
Once you have the converted M file which has all the section breaks and formatting, you can use the "publish" function as follows from the MATLAB Command Window:
>> options.format = 'pdf';
>> options.showCode = false;
>> publish('output_script.m',options)
This will publish the PDF file to a sub-directory called "html" inside the current working directory.
Here is a documentation link for the "publish" function and specifically, the "showCode" option:
Please note, when saving the MLX file as M file and then publishing, it does not convert the LaTeX expressions to something readable. It also automatically inserts a table of contents at the beginning.
2. Encapsulate the code in another script or function. An alternate approach would be for you to encapsulate the code you want to hide in another script or function and call it from your published Live Script. For example, something like:
%%Now plot a figure
In this case, instead of publishing all the plotting code, only the call to the plotting function would be published.
3. Publish the Live Script as an HTML and then modify the HTML page to hide the code sections and then publish it as a PDF.
The options stated above are simply workarounds as we do not currently have this functionality. A request has been submitted to our developers to add in this feature and they are considering this for future releases of MATLAB. We appreciate your feedback as we constantly strive to improve our products.
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busranur davuter
busranur davuter 26 Jan 2019
Thank u correct reply :)

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Kevin Chng
Kevin Chng 27 Mar 2019
In 2019a, it allows you to hide the code before exporting.
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Jared MacDonald
Jared MacDonald 3 Mar 2020
To unhide the code, click one of the other view buttons, "output on right" or "output inline".

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Prajit T R
Prajit T R 10 Apr 2018
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Pierre Lonfat
Pierre Lonfat 11 Apr 2018
Unfortunately this doesn't work on live script :/ ... Thank you anyway !

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