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How to get back write audio data in Matlab?

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Su Latt Sandi
Su Latt Sandi 2018년 4월 2일
마감: MATLAB Answer Bot 2021년 8월 20일
I really need someone suggestion for my research issue.My researh title is Audio Scrambling. I write audio after scrambling, at that time I found data clipping issue.So, I divided audio data by max(abs(my data)), and write audio with no error. But when i read wrote audio file and multiply data with max(abs(mydata)). Then, I descramble audio to get back original audio quality. But i can't get. I guess something wrong in audiowrite. I would be grateful if someone help me in this matter.


Abhishek Ballaney
Abhishek Ballaney 2018년 4월 2일

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