Lagrange Interpolation code error

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Charitha Heshan
Charitha Heshan 2018년 3월 28일
답변: Roger Stafford 2018년 3월 28일
Please tell me whats wrong with this code, it was given by the professor but when i try to use it it gives me errors.
if true
function yi = LagrangeInterp(x,y,xi)
x = [ -0.200 0.000 0.200 0.400 0.600 0.800 1.000]; y = [ 0.5000 1.0000 0.5000 0.2000 0.1000 0.0588 0.0385 ];
n = length (x) ; L = zeros (1,n) ; for i =1:n, L(i) = 1; for j = 1:n, if j ~= i, L(i) = L(i) * (xi - x(j)) / (x(i) - x(j)); end end end
yi = sum(y.*L);
% code
*Not enough input values *Error in line 3
I want to find Y values when x= 0.3 & x = 0.9
please give me a correct method to find this .
thank you


Roger Stafford
Roger Stafford 2018년 3월 28일
The message is caused by your not defining or properly entering the value of vector 'xi'.


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