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How to do polynomial differentiation

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How to do polynomial differentiation without using known matlab commands

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Guillaume 28 Mar 2018
Why wouldn't you want to use known matlab commands. And for that matter, what are unknown matlab commands then?
Raiven Balderas
Raiven Balderas 28 Mar 2018
see below accepted answer :)

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Roger Stafford
Roger Stafford 28 Mar 2018
Let P be the usual Matlab row vector of coefficients of a polynomial. Then, (as we all learned in calculus,) the corresponding vector of coefficients of the polynomial's derivative, dP, is:
n = length(P);
dP = (n-1:-1:1).*P(1:n-1);

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Raiven Balderas
Raiven Balderas 28 Mar 2018
Thanks ! I love math and have taken up to calculus 3 , but for some reason me and coding matlab do not mix. thank you very much . great answer

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 28 Mar 2018
Multiply each location in the coefficient vector by the degree it corresponds to, and get rid of the location corresponding to degree 0. You can probably build the degree list using the ":" operator.

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