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Arduino Internal Pull Up Mode in Simulink

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Cou 2018년 3월 24일
댓글: Hans Scharler 2018년 4월 8일
Is there a way to set the pin mode to pull up in Simulink? I see there is a method in MATLAB:
a = arduino('COM4','Uno');
How would I set this for my Simulink model? Thanks!
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Cou 2018년 3월 27일
Hi Hans, Thanks. I am using the Sparkfun CAN BUS shield. The joystick requires pullups. Prior to configuring pins for pull up, you would configure them in Arduino IDE as
digitalWrite(A1, HIGH);
This is not an option since you cannot read and write to the same pin at the same time in Simulink.

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Cou 2018년 4월 8일
I created a custom device driver to solve my problem. The block can be found here: Arduino Pinmode Input Pull Up
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Hans Scharler
Hans Scharler 2018년 4월 8일
Excellent. Thank you for sharing!

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