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Is it possible to customize Simulink block parameters and take them as default?

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Jörg Middendorf
Jörg Middendorf 21 Mar 2018
답변: Mark McBroom 24 Mar 2018
Background: We are working with a Team of about 50 people on about 150 Simulink Models. We have rules to color certain blocks (Input Ports orange, Output Ports purple,...). Also we demand certain sample times for e.g. Constant Blocks (-1) instead (inf) which is default. It would be desired to load a default configuration using an init script so that everybody can use the Library Browser and select standard Simulink blocks but automatically getting the right configuration. Is there any way to do that?


ES 21 Mar 2018
I think, this is one simple tool you can use.
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Jörg Middendorf
Jörg Middendorf 21 Mar 2018
The idea was to still use the native Simulink blocks from Library Browser but with other settings relative to color or sample time. We could build our own libraries with these blocks but it will be confusing for users where to take blocks from.

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Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom 24 Mar 2018
A couple of options
1. You can create your own custom Simulink library. In this library you place all standard Simulink blocks that you want your users to have access to. THen, in this custom library, set all desired properties ( colors, sample times, etc. ).
2. Create a set of Model Advisor rules that enforce the various modeling patterns. Have users run these model advisor checks to find and repair blocks that are not configured to your standard.

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