bsxfun in GPU in PCT v5.2

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Subhrajit Debnath
Subhrajit Debnath 2012년 5월 21일
I am trying to do bsxfun(@minus,b,A*x); It is giving error as: Undefined function 'bsxfun' for input arguments of type 'parallel.gpu.GPUArray'. It seems this function is not supported. I am using Parallel Computing Toolbox Version 5.2 (R2011b). But this function is listed in the built in functions that support gpuArray.
Here b = 5 X 1; A*x would be 5 X 10. and since b is a column vector, the final output will be 5 X 10, [b - A*x];
I want to do matrix column-wise subtraction.

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Lucas García
Lucas García 2012년 5월 21일
The link you are referring to is actually from the current release, R2012a. bsxfun support for GPUArray data is a new feature in R2012a as you can check in the release notes for Parallel Computing Toolbox Version 6.0 (R2012a).
I recommend you update to the latest release to benefit from all the recent GPUArray support functionality.

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