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model is closing for each run

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Gayatri Varada
Gayatri Varada 19 Mar 2018
댓글: Gayatri Varada 21 Mar 2018
Testframe and reference model is getting closed for each run. What is the reason for this? I have not given any close command for the model from the test environment. Please help me on this
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Gayatri Varada
Gayatri Varada 20 Mar 2018
Its a client project and can not be shared. In general could you tell me what settings in the model or DD makes the model to get close and reopen after it is given for run

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ES 20 Mar 2018
편집: ES 20 Mar 2018
Check the model Callbacks of the model specifically CloseFcn ,
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Gayatri Varada
Gayatri Varada 21 Mar 2018
Checked call backs -no commands are given to close the testframe and reference model. Still the same scenario exits like before starting the simulation the testframe and reference model is closed

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