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How to Design High Frequency Transformer and its parameters

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Taimur Zaman
Taimur Zaman 18 Mar 2018
댓글: Rashan shrestha 24 Feb 2019
Hi, i am working on dual active bridge, i am facing problem in designing the high frequency transformer. what block should i use, and if it is Linear Transformer, then what parameters should i select; in-case i have to transfer 1kw power.

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Mohammed Alharbi
Mohammed Alharbi 19 Apr 2018
Hi Sir,
Hope you are well, I am stuck on the same question and wondering if you manage to design the high-frequency parameters for DAB converter? I would really appreciate your help if you have managed to design your DAB converter.
Thanks in advance!

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Rashan shrestha
Rashan shrestha 24 Feb 2019
did you find any solution to the DAB transformer problem?

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