Serial board DSC-100 from Quatech for xPC Target

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Sandro 2011년 3월 24일
I have a RS232 Serial board DSC-100 from Quatech for usage in a xPC Target. In the Simulink Browser I'm only seeing the blocks for ESC-100 or QSC-100. Can I somehow use the board DSC-100 together with one of these blocks? I'm getting "ERROR: Quatech QSC-100: board not present" when I put in a QSC-100 block. Is there a workaround?
Thank you!

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Gordon Weast
Gordon Weast 2011년 3월 24일
While the UART on the DSC board is probably the same one as used on the other two boards, they may have changed some of the board registers. Without looking further into it, I really can't say what needs to be done.
It will be easier for you to just purchase one of the boards we already support.

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