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I am working on Heart Rate Estimation through detected face(ROI) from a video non-invasivley through a camera. Can someone suggest how should i start ?

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Aditya Anand
Aditya Anand 12 Mar 2018
I want code to first detect face from the video, and then through ICA i want to get the components. Please help.

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Chunxiao Tang
Chunxiao Tang 12 Apr 2018
ok.The code to detect face from the video can be downloaded in mathworks. In the menu named products you can find 'Computer Vision System Toolbox'. There are two useful programs, namely 'Face Detection Using Viola-Jones Algorithm' and 'Face Detection and Tracking with Live Video Acquisition'. The website is:

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aswathy pavithran
aswathy pavithran 17 Apr 2018
aswathy pavithran 님이 편집함. 17 Apr 2018
clear all; close all; obj=VideoReader('C:\Users\HP\Downloads\a.avi');% creat an object.this obj contains full video numFrames=obj.NumberOfFrames;% finding number of frames n=numFrames;%storing it in n; a1=obj.Height;% no.of rows a2=obj.Width; i=1; faceDetector = vision.CascadeObjectDetector();%% craeting a face detection obj and object usues vj face algorithm that can identify feys nose lips for i = 1:1:n frames = read(obj,i);% Reading that particular frame from the video bbox = step(faceDetector, frames);% applying the face detector to each frame andreturn answe in rectangular box % Draw the returned bounding box around the detected face. if bbox>0 videoFrame = insertShape(frames, 'Rectangle', bbox); a=imcrop(videoFrame,bbox); imwrite(a,['C:\Users\HP\Desktop\asw\' int2str(i), '.jpg']);% store the output in other folder. end end

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