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user defined variable input

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Anik SARKER 5 Mar 2018
댓글: Anik SARKER 5 Mar 2018
If i have sample formula k=aX1*aX2*aX3*......*aXn. here X1,X2,...Xn are vector of X=[X1 X2 ... Xn]... if user input has only 2 component X1,X2 the output will be k=aX1*aX2. if user has n component in the vector then the output will be k=aX1*aX2*aX3*......*aXn. how to solve such a case

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ES 5 Mar 2018
Get the user input of X using input function. Then get the length of X using length function.
Run a for loop on length of X and multiply with 'a'.
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Anik SARKER 5 Mar 2018
thank you

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