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Mickey London
Mickey London 2018년 3월 3일
답변: James Mulhern 2022년 3월 14일
Dear Mathworks I would like to give you feedback on matlab drive. The current product is in the right direction but I feel you missed the whole point. What is the advantage of matlab drive over putting your file on any cloud (google drive or dropbox) and put that link on matlab path. There is no advantage. In fact it is just another cloud application that take resources. The right way to do it would be to login to the drive from within matlab environment itself. This means that no matter what computer you use matlab knows where your m-files are. Right now if I uses a new computer I need to sync my matlab drive there, and this will happen to every computer. However if it was from within matlab, then in any computer I would just login to matlab and everything is set.
Secondly, there is no way to share matlab drive folders. For example I have a lab with some students. I want us to have a shared folder with code that everyone share. This is not supported by matlab drive. I cannot even share with them my folder (I can do that through google drive and dropbox). So really what is the advantage of this drive except another 250MB of space to put online?
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Rik 2018년 3월 3일
You are aware that this is a public forum and not a contact method to Mathworks? If you want to give them feedback, I would contact them directly.

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Rik 2018년 3월 3일
A I understand it, the main advantage for Matlab Drive is that you have access to your files in Matlab Online and their other cloud features. (see the product page) But yes, there is room for improvement.

James Mulhern
James Mulhern 2022년 3월 14일
I would recommend git or SVN for shared work insted of dropbox or another cloud storage solution.


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