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How to prevent graphs from popping up in simulink

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Darren Koh
Darren Koh 27 Feb 2018
댓글: Darren Koh 27 Feb 2018
I have several scopes in my simulink diagram that plots graphs and it is getting quite troublesome to turn off all individually if I just want to make minute changes in inputs to see how certain values change in my main program. How do I hide/disable it temporarily without removing the scope block entirely?


ES 27 Feb 2018
HidHandles = get(0,'ShowHiddenHandles');
AllScopeHandles = findobj(0,'Type','Figure','Tag','SIMULINK_SIMSCOPE_FIGURE');
close(AllScopeHandles );
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Darren Koh
Darren Koh 27 Feb 2018
Hi there thanks for your answer! But I'm wondering if this can be done in the simulink but not matlab itself is it still possible?

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