Simulink - how to access time-series data loaded via a "From File" block?

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Hi all. I know that time-series data can be written to a .mat file via the "To File" block.
Now, if we use Simulink to load a particular .mat file that contains time-series data within it (eg. a structure), then what kind of simulink blocks can we use (as utilities) to access the embedded time-series data?
I know how to access the time-series (structure) data using Matlab command line, but also wondering what methods can be used with simulink itself?
Thanks for any help in advance!

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Birdman 2018년 2월 12일
To solve this issue, you can use From Workspace block, which also allows you to use structure data in Simulink but you need to load your data from mat file to workspace before simulation. To do so, do as follows:
1- Go to File->Model Properties->Model Properties->Callbacks->PreLoadFcn and there, write the necessary code to load your data to workspace.
2- In Simulink, use From Workspace block and write the name of your data in the block to use it.
Hope this helps.
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