MPU 6050 and Raspberry pi

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Vibin Kumar
Vibin Kumar 2018년 2월 6일
답변: Gayatri Menon 2022년 2월 8일
I have MPU6050(acce and Gyro) interface with Raspberry pi via I2C. My goal is to get the 'g' values corresponding to x,y,z axis.This accelerometer contains registers of Higher bit and Lower bit for all (x,y,z) axis and for eg.(higher bit gives values as 18 and Lower bit gives values as -198 ).My question is how can I get actual 'g' values using Higher and Lower bit. Please help.


Gayatri Menon
Gayatri Menon 2022년 2월 8일
Use mpu6050() to do this. Refer this link for more info.
mypi = raspi;
sensor = mpu6050(mypi,'Bus','i2c-1');
Hope this helps.


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