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how to change a function using a GPU CODER ?

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I created a detector for a traffic sign using trainRCNNObjectdetector and then I created a function that allows to detect this sign all on matlab. I would like to change this function using the GPU CODER, but I still get the warning: detect () - function is not supported by GPU CODER. How can I fix this problem? If necessary, I can show you my code.
Thanks for the help.

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Nick Sarnie
Nick Sarnie 1 Feb 2018
편집: Nick Sarnie 1 Feb 2018
Hi Arnaud,
It sounds like the MATLAB function written to detect the traffic sign is not supported for GPU Code Generation. Please take a look at the below limitations of GPU Coder:
Please note that trainRCNNObjectdetector can leverage the GPU if you have a supported GPU and the Parallel Computing Toolbox, without the need for GPU Coder.

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