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MATLAB crashes while calling fir1 function

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Victor J Kartsch
Victor J Kartsch 26 Jan 2018
답변: Nick Sarnie 1 Feb 2018
Hi, I was trying to find others having this problem with no success. It occurs that I have migrated from matlab 2016 to matlab 2017 rev b. After using some functions (like pwelch) matlab started to crash, very unusual, with no error indication (i.e., module or file where the problem is located). Particularly, now, I have an issue with this function 'fir1'. After some debbugging, I have reached the line where the system crashes (inside fir1):
N = signal.internal.sigcasttofloat(N,'double','fir1','N','allownumeric');
I would like to stress the fact that this function was working normally in the previous version (also pwelch, indeed, Matlab never crashed like this in the previous version with any function).
Any help to solve this issue will be appreciated. I run Matlab on a Windows 10 OS (x64), 12GB RAM, Proc. Inter core i7 4700mq.


Nick Sarnie
Nick Sarnie 1 Feb 2018
Hi Victor,
I have created a case with Technical Support regarding this issue, and a Technical Support Engineer will be contacting you shortly.

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