How to record from two different external microphones using Audio System Toolbox for simultaneous recording ?

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Hi everyone! I'm working on audio localization project in which I have to compute the lags between two audio signals. Im using audioDeviceRecorder from Audio System Toolbox but do not know how to achieve better results since 02 external USB microphones are giving processing time delays which are unwanted in such a sensitive environment! Please help if there's an efficient way of doing this! Thank you!

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Gabriele Bunkheila
Gabriele Bunkheila 2018년 1월 17일
Hi Ali,
Thank you for posting this. My recommendations are going to be closely related to the answer I gave to another recent question of yours.
You won't be able to use two separate USB microphone to estimate inter-microphone delays as your OS will most likely inject unpredictable latencies, different at every acquisition. Instead, you should get your hands on a multichannel audio interface, preferrably with ASIO drivers - anything from a simple 2-channel consumer sound card to a high-end multichannel interface.
That type of configuration will ensure your two separate channels are acquired synchronously. When using audioDeviceReader, make sure that the value of SamplesPerFrame is the same as the value you set in the Buffer Size/Length in the ASIO configuration panel of your sound card. That panel is now also reachable directly from MATLAB via the function asiosettings .
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Ali Soban
Ali Soban 2018년 1월 17일
Hi Gabriele! Are you referring to something like I have attached over here ? Kindly see the attachment. Its a DUAL MIC input USB sound card. Is it going to work in your opinion?
Ali Soban
Ali Soban 2018년 1월 17일
Or else can u recommend me some good sound cards for Multi-channel Audio Interfacing ? It'll be a great help indeed! Regards, Ali

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