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Simulink Arduino Mega 2560 digital input - PWM signal uncorrect value

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Maximilian Müller
Maximilian Müller 3 Jan 2018
Dear Professionals,
I have got an Arduino Mega 2560 and a ultrasonic sound sensor. I am trying to read the PWM signal which comes from the Arduino (picture attached). To determine the error, I take the response of the ultrasonic sound sensor in the case of measurement without results. In this case the Arduino should send a PWM signal on high level for 0.2 seconds. Unfortunately, the scope of my model shows only a high-level signal for less than 0.1 seconds. I tried a lot but I still not find any solutions why it is like this. What I could have found out is, that the simulation time in external mode is not in real time. And if I change parameters in the model configuration that makes it more slow as real time the high level signal is shown less than 0.05 seconds. So, I think it is an issue of not simulating it in real time. How can I simulate it in real time or how can I avoid the issue that the scope is not showing the right values if the model is not simulated in real time?
I hope I descripted it well enough.
To determine the correct distance, I need a sample time of 0.0001 of the Arduino input block.
Cheers Max


Nick Sarnie
Nick Sarnie 5 Jan 2018
편집: Nick Sarnie 5 Jan 2018
Hi Maximilian,
You are correct in that it is not possible to run true real-time simulations on the Mega 2560.
Using External Mode places additional stress on the hardware, which is documented here:

Maximilian Müller
Maximilian Müller 6 Jan 2018
편집: Maximilian Müller 6 Jan 2018
So, this means I can never evaluate a PWM signal which needs a calculation of 0.00001 steps with the Arduino Mega 2560 in connection with a Serial transmit / receive block in Simulink. So, I Need to convert the digital Signal to a analog signal by an additional Hardware. Right?
If I put the sample time to 0.00001 of the model which I deploy to the Arduino hardware the Serial receive model does get only an Zero line. What did I not consider to solve this issue?

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