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How to return likelihood using unscentedK​almanFilte​r/extended​KalmanFilt​er Object in the signal processing toolbox?

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Hao Chang
Hao Chang 2 Jan 2018
편집: Nick Sarnie 4 Jan 2018
Dear Sir or Madam,
I find it is very helpful to use unscentedKalmanFilter/extendedKalmanFilter Objects in the signal processing toolbox for online estimation of the non-linear state space model. Does anyone know whether there are a built-in way to return the likelihood or log likelihood of the model? I ask this because I use these filtering techniques to estimate parameters of the state space model by minimizing its log likelihood. This toolbox can return the updated state vector and covariance matrix automatically, but I didn't find the corresponding likelihood of the modeling fitting.
Thank you very much!
Best, Hao
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Hao Chang
Hao Chang 2 Jan 2018
I forgot to attach the documents of these two functions, which are:
Unsecented Kalman Filter:
Extended Kalman fiture:

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Nick Sarnie
Nick Sarnie 4 Jan 2018
편집: Nick Sarnie 4 Jan 2018
Hi Hao,
I wasn't able to find any documentation relating to likelihood or log likelihood for the unscentedKalmanFilte and extendedKalmanFilter objects. Could please go into more detail on that?


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