Can you change the text color in the terminal command line for Matlab? (Linux)

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Jake Johnson
Jake Johnson 2017년 12월 23일
답변: Prakhar Rai 2021년 6월 29일
I know you can customize the colors of the Matlab desktop command window. But I'm wondering if while running matlab -nodesktop, if it's possible to customize the colors of text. So when using the terminal, errors and the prompt would be in whatever color I specify.


Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2017년 12월 23일
No, it cannot be changed to whatever color you specify in that mode. However, you could probably deliberately format some text into a limited number of colors
ESC = char(27);
[ESC '[31mA' ESC '[32mB' ESC '[33mC' ESC '[30m']
You would not be able to control error color: you would have to deliberately switch color each time you wanted to. has some grotty details on customizing prompts, but I do not recall at the moment whether that only works in desktop mode or not.

Erez 2018년 6월 18일
If you would like errors to print out in a different color take a look at the following link (I can confirm it works well in Ubuntu 16.04 with R2018a, should work with other distros too). stderr in different color. This will change the std error color for anything in terminal to be red (not just matlab).I'm not sure what you can do for warning colors though.

Prakhar Rai
Prakhar Rai 2021년 6월 29일
There are some options in the Environment section,but only dip is that it'll be same in both editor and command window.Also the standard one is pretty good,so just stay minimal.

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