Fill and color polygons based on single value

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Claire Navarro
Claire Navarro 2017년 12월 14일
답변: Amy Haskins 2017년 12월 21일
How do you plot multiple polygons (i.e. states) according to their respective, individual value (e.g. population density)? The final product should be a patched U.S. with states colored according to their respective values. I have latitude, longitude, and density values and I've tried patch, fill, and imagesc commands, but to no avail.
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Amy 2017년 12월 20일
Hi Claire, could you possibly share some more details about what you've tried already? How are you using the commands you mentioned, and are you running into errors using them or are they just not returning the results you expect?

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Amy Haskins
Amy Haskins 2017년 12월 21일
Hi Claire,
What you are describing is known as a choropleth map. If you have access to the Mapping Toolbox, you can try following the example below to help you get started.

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