How do I prevent minimizing Matlab windows after calling uigetdir?

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Just to clarify, this part of my code works. However, when I run the mlapp and use the function that uses uigetdir, after I select the folder, all Matlab windows minimize. Is there a solution?
Thank you for your help.
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Michal Dobai
Michal Dobai 2017년 12월 9일
I think this could be the same problem as: Appdesigner window ends up in background after uigetfile
I'm struggling with the same thing in my app. Right now I'm using Chris McRaven's workaround from above mentioned link; set visibility of figure to 'off' and then 'on' again. It's not the best solution, because window will still blink for a brief moment, but it's still better than nothing.

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Prasobhkumar P. P.
Prasobhkumar P. P. 2020년 9월 7일
편집: Prasobhkumar P. P. 2020년 9월 7일
Even thought this is not the correct solution. But it will work.
[file, path]= uigetfile('*.*');
fN = fullfile(path,file);
figure(app.UIFigure); % magic command :)


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